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"APL has been working with Tradewinds Studio for many years. They have always gone above and beyond to make sure the job is done right. Whether it is screen printing using a design created by their excellent art department, or a standard repeat order we have never been disappointed in the work they do. No matter what the job, they always take the time to work with you and make sure you are completely satisfied. I cannot imagine what we would do without them and we look forward to many more years working with them."


"I cannot thank Tradewinds enough for all of the teamwork, patience and attention to detail they have given me over the past 7 years.  This company will make sure your order is done on time and perfect.    Thank you!" 


"We have been working with Tradewinds for over 5 years and have had great success with them!  Wynn and Avonlea's customer service is outstanding and they understand our needs as a company -giving us the absolute best quality ideas and items for an extremely competitive cost. We continue to be thrilled with all they do!"


"I wanted to personally send a letter of appreciation for the outstanding service you provided in completing our t-shirts for the Counseling Center Peer Education Program. Your contribution means a great deal to us because many students wear the t-shirts to bring awareness to stop violence against women and children.

Your hard work is appreciated and seen on campus! I look forward to working with you next year."

Regards, Sonya

"…We received the t-shirts on Tuesday of this week. They are beautiful. And you guys did a great job as usual. Thanks so much for all your help and all you do for us here at the University. We appreciate your services greatly."

Thanks, Paula

"We found Tradewinds after an extensive search to find a better supplier who we could trust to get the job done right at the right price. We were so happy when our first order came out perfect and the experience to get it complete was so positive. That was back in 2012 and we have been extremely satisfied with our orders over the years since way back then. Thanks Tradewinds!"


"Working with Tradewinds has been one of the highlights of owning my t-shirt company.  I've received hundreds of samples from other screen printers, and no other company I've seen is even in the same ballpark in terms of quality and attention to detail.  Beth and Tom are not only tremendously professional and talented, but they also have taken a personal interest in my business.  The Tradewinds team has worked hard to make sure they exceed every one of our expectations."


"Can't put a price tag on Quality…

I wanted to write you to give you a bit of an explanation for this year and update regarding next year. As I mentioned a while ago on the phone, we opted to go with a different company this year for our T-Shirt needs as they offered us a better price and a number of fringe benefits. Without going into a long explanation, they made an extremely good offer and in times of penny pinching it was quite an attractive deal. The T-Shirts we ordered and received, along with the process involved, was very unsatisfactory this year to say the least. Everything from quality of colors to actual order quantities was incorrect causing nothing but headaches for everyone involved at the school.

Though my position as coordinator of Sports Day lasts for only one year, we are spending a great deal of time creating an in-depth manual for whoever takes over next year in an effort to streamline everything, including T-Shirt orders. I am going to include in that manual your contact information at Tradewinds and indicate that you all are far and away the choice for T-Shirt providers, as the product you gave us last year was excellent, and from my understanding, so was your service. I wanted to let you know about this well in advance, as well as apologize for bailing on Tradewinds this year. While everything did work out in the end, it did not work out in nearly as satisfactory a manner as it should have. Thanks for your patience this year, and I look forward to seeing your wonderful T-Shirts at Sports Day next year!"

Take care, John